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" I love what you do. The abstraction of natural and mythic form. It looks strangely like science and fairy tale and you can enter the experience through many different points. Fractals, sacred geometry, nature, distortion of chaos and order."   -Mathu Anderson (Ru Paul's Drag Race)

"Gotta tell you that I really hated the look of our main aliens and at what I felt was the proper many months down the road...decided to tell JJ (Abrams) that I thought he'd made a mistake.
"The qualities that you're wanting our aliens to have aren't present in this design that you've been working with Neville (the alien guy) on. But look at this," I said to him. Then I showed him your photo of your beautiful pale mud man in the tree with the branches sprouting from his head. He instantly saw what I meant, and instantly revised his aliens. It made me very happy.

What your marvelous creature had was a human likeness and an ability to evoke empathy, a raw naturalness, and an uncomplicated beauty. Those are the revisions your work inspired.

Cheers, dear sir. Although I haven't been able to insert you directly into our creative process as yet, you have nevertheless influenced it. Major Hollywood players are realigning their creative output accordingly."

-Scott Chambliss -'Star Trek, Into Darkness' Production Designer


"Devin Mohr is a remarkable artist/photographer/performer and videographer whose edgy works explore a world of fantasy and imagination. Mohr's creatures inhabit worlds both enticing and foreboding yet he brings a sense of fun and humor to his creatures who seem caught in the headlights of Mohr's imagination. These consumate works are the products of an artist whose creativity and technical skills allow him to not only photograph his subjects but also to select and create an environment, makeup, costumes and lighting producing striking visual effects allowing the viewer to enter a private world of Mohr's own making."  -Lourdan Kimbrell, Director Emeritus, Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art

"Devin Mohr's beyond-weird-imaginary world.....truly unusual.....stunning statement!" -Times Picayune, New Orleans

"Unusual use of materials and color"  -San Francisco Chronicle

"Artful...playful"  -New Orleans Magazine

"Devin Mohr has the ability as an artist to move within a multi-disciplinary vision, combining music, video and performance based work as spectacle. He includes intricate soft colored LED lighting and expansive head dresses in unique other-worldly costuming. His ability to combine lyrics, unique instrumentation and layered vocals, delivers a transforming flash to the stage for an out-of-this-world experience."  -Neida Bangerter, Director Maui Arts and Cultural Center

"I have had the opportunity to be reborn into several of Devin Mohr's trans-dimensional characters. It is a mesmerizing and transportive experience to see yourself so drastically transformed. You can't help but feel immersed in another world. It's the best and only club I am proud to be a part of."  -Johnathan Gale (named People magazine's Best Colorist)

"Devin's artworks are true originals, one-of-a kind, every single one, every time I look at them.  And I live with 19 of them.  That is always my experience, even the smallest simplest design in his earlier works on paper (photography) or a small worm sculpture to his elaborate music performances as lighted human sculptures.  Even when it is simple, or especially when it is simple, it is complex and layered in nuance.  His originality amazes me and reminds me in its incredible breadth and refinement of my first graduate art history course on the modern master Picasso."

-Babette Ackin, Art collector and director of The Hawaii Indian Music Circle


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