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DDevin Mohr explored photography, floral and set design with 'Renny - Design for Entertainment' in New York City as a designer. Devin then ventured out on his own creating lamps and lighting in New Orleans as well as furthering his passion for floral art, photography, video and performance through his businesses 'Planet Xeno' and 'Deep Forest'. He moved to Hawaii producing videos and creating a multi-media show 'Creatures from the Zero-Point Field' and further developing his unique portrait photography. His wildly popular and successful exhibition "Sehnsucht" at the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art in Hilo, Hawaii resulted in his photographic book by the same name (the third book in the 'Xeno' portrait series). He is currently living in Berlin and Las Vegas working on his fourth book entitled 'Monachopsis'. For booking and more information please contact Lourdan Kimbrell, art consultant at or Devin at

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